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"I’m highly addicted to their dunked ice cream sandwiches. All of them. Not one more than the other. My boyfriend even got me a box of 6 for my birthday. I have 3 kids and don’t share with them. Ever. Always looking forwards to the new flavours to try."

Valery Pelletier 

"Go there 2 times a week usually. Sometimes more; It’s very addicting. They have an original menu and it’s reasonably priced. The lime dip is the best. Super friendly staff too! Dairy Queen is over haha"

Theresa Haynes

"OMG.....brought my family of 4 for ice cream sandwiches. We bought 4 different flavours and quartered them so we each had a full sandwich made up of the 4 kinds. I figured I would enjoy one the most. NOPE! Every single morsel of every one we got was chewy bites of bliss. They are too delicious to not go taste for yourself."

Tara Lavallee

"Will be the official place I get any kind of ice cream dessert, super friendly atmosphere. Recommended for everyone, my dog was accepted with open arms, and also got a mini ice cream. Thank you so much"

Shelby Connors




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